Incubator System

Transforming ideas into new opportunities.

Iowa State University Research Park’s incubator system provides the assistance to take ideas from conceptual to profitable. Startup organizations and individuals can access a variety of incubators for the resources they need to grow and prosper.

ISU Startup Factory, our pre-incubator accelerator has been in existence for just over two years, has launched more than 45 startups, and is responsible for more than 70 jobs and $20 million in external funding.

Entrepreneurs or startups are admitted on an application basis bi-annually and participate in a vigorous 52 week program designed to create profitable, investable companies. ISU Research Park is the parent organization to The ISU Startup Factory and the program is housed in one of our multi-tenant buildings on the research park campus. Startups that meet benchmark criteria throughout the program are provided space free of charge. Upon graduation if they choose, companies are eligible to take advantage of the ISU Startup Factory co-working facility or move into one of the Research Park incubator spaces.

ISU Research Park’s Technology Incubator has supported 100s of startup companies and established small businesses.

ISU Research Park’s technology incubator identifies early-stage, tech-based concepts and businesses and assists in economic development and technology transfer. This provides an environment for growth, with help for developing viable business plans and securing financial backing. A small section of incubator offices house specialized service consultancy businesses that provide specific services to startup companies.

Take advantage of the Biotech Wet Lab Incubator to advance your research.

The ISU Research Park has an office/biotechnology incubator facility. The facility houses small office space along with several smaller wet-labs, perfect for the growth and development of start-up, spin-off and established biotechnology companies. Features include:

  • Existing lab spaces ~300 square feet
  • Casework, sink, and eyewash in each lab
  • Shared emergency shower, purified water, lab ice machine, lab refrigerator & autoclave
  • Shared kitchenette and small conference room
  • Access to university instrumentation
  • Custom-designed laboratories also available

Iowa State University also offers a number of department-focused On-Campus Incubators.

In addition to ISU Research Park’s Technology and Wet-Lab Incubators, several opportunities are available through ISU, including:

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Available Space

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