The Innovators Podcast

About The Innovators Podcast: The Innovators Podcast was started in 2020 to highlight some of the incredible people in Ames, at Iowa State, and in the Research Park. Hosted by Research Park staff, the Podcast aims to share the stories of innovation and entrepreneurship that often go unseen in our communities.

If you or someone you know is doing innovative things in the Research Park, at Iowa State University, or in the Ames Community, reach out to Alison Doyle. We would love to feature you!


Current Episodes:


Title   Post Date    
Podcast 16 – Max Mussell, Founder of Updo   06/09/2021    
Podcast 15 – The Senior Interns of The Iowa State University Research Park   04/23/2021    
Podcast 14 – Chris James, Founder of True360   04/13/2021    
Podcast 13 – Shane Rothlisberger, Founder of Versalifts   03/23/2021    
Podcast 12 – Diana Wright, Program Coordinator for the ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship   03/18/2021    
Podcast 11 – Ray Schmidt, Founder of Farm Story Meats   03/12/2021    
Podcast 10 – Priyankaa Krishnan, Entrepreneur and ISU Student   03/09/2021    
Podcast 9 – Tom Swartwood, Entrepreneurship Fellow and Professor   03/04/2021    
Podcast 8 – The Stockguard Team   03/01/2021    
Podcast 7 – Morgan Fritz and Jacob Schrader, Student Body President and Vice President   02/19/2021    
Podcast 6 – Kenny Kyle, General Manager at the TMC Student Training Center   02/15/2021    
Podcast 5 – Rick Sanders, President and Director of the ISURP   02/04/2021    
Podcast 4 – Judi Eyles, Director of the ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship   01/25/2021    
Podcast 3 – Clayton Mooney, Co-founder of Nebullam   12/21/2020    
Podcast 2 – Jim Fay, ISU Alum & Entrepreneur   12/17/2020    
Podcast 1 – Alison Doyle, Chief Relationship Officer at the ISURP   11/23/2020