Cultivation Corridor

Iowa’s Cultivation Corridor is where industry leaders from around the globe come to support and sustain the science that feeds the world. Throughout the Corridor, public and private partners are working with institutions of higher learning to cultivate innovation and accelerate growth in the agbioscience, biorenewables, biotech and advanced manufacturing industries.

Advances in modern agriculture and biotechnology are fundamental to providing the world’s expanding population with food and energy security. Global population growth has placed an increased significance on the world’s agricultural centers. In 1991, .81 acres of farmland was available to feed each person; with an estimated world population of more than 9 billion in 2050, available farmland is projected to shrink to only .37 acres per person. The Cultivation Corridor is rising to meet this challenge by representing the convergence of so many critical components. Central Iowa’s rich natural resources, world-class academics, profound agribusiness expertise, favorable economic conditions and more have positioned our state as a uniquely qualified epicenter for agricultural innovation.

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