What We Offer

Iowa State University Research Park provides a resource-rich environment for organizations with a science or technology focus, and for those looking for closer proximity to the Iowa State University research and talent pipeline.

ISU Research Park offers resources aligned to help you reach your goals; from tangible assets such as human capital, to workspace and equipment, to the intangibles of thought leadership and networking opportunities. We provide real-world benefits and conveniences that help open new doors, enable collaboration and allow you to focus on innovation.

Go beyond state of the art spaces and research facilities to value-added features such as cutting-edge equipment and human capital. Additionally, ISU Research Park’s relationship with Iowa State University and multiple area federal labs allows you to gain access to a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of fields.

Collaboration & Partnerships

ISU Research Park’s established collaboration network allows you to simplify your business model. ISU Research Park tenants have worked with many of the area’s leading research centers and test sites, from the USDA to the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Thanks to a relationship with Iowa State University, ISU Research Park tenants have access to highly specialized equipment and technology. Click here to see a list of available technology.

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ISU Research Park offers support and resources for established companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups. From navigating the university infrastructure, to business training, to marketing assistance, to accounting services, we can connect you with someone who can help.

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With internships, part-time and full-time positions, Iowa State students can be a cost-effective labor source until you can afford to expand your staff or a perfect talent pipeline for ongoing talent needs. Plus, students benefit from on-the-job training while they pursue their degree.

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Access & Amenities

Iowa State University Research Park is easily accessible, thanks to a central location and major transportation routes nearby. ISU Research Park is at the intersection of Highway 30 and I-35, adjacent to the Ames Municipal Airport and the north anchor of Iowa’s Cultivation Corridor.

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While a career at the ISU Research Park puts you at the cutting edge, Ames, Iowa, surrounds you with a community of natural beauty and comfort. At more than 65,000 people, Ames offers small-town atmosphere and college-town spirit.

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ISU Research Park tenants benefit from a number of unique cost savings and financial assistance opportunities and ISU Research Park tenants frequently utilize our team to help navigate financing opportunities on both the federal and statewide level.

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Collaborative Community

Join the thought leaders.

Find inspiration. Pitch ideas. Network with peers. ISU Research Park hosts regular events that range from roundtable discussions to thought-provoking presentations. Check out our upcoming StartupAmesPRAM meetups.