AMES, Iowa (March 4th, 2021)- The ISU Research Park is thrilled to announce the addition of Distynct as a new affiliate member of the Park. Distynct was founded in January of 2020 by co-founders BJ Brugman and Thomas Hornbeck with the vision of enabling precision livestock farming and monitoring of swine facilities through single-source connectivity. This connectivity enables a higher level of data collection for swine producers than traditional solutions. The data that each user requests is summarized and displayed on a cloud-based dashboard. 

The team at Distynct has expanded to six employees within the past year and is working diligently to provide additional value to the swine industry throughout the world. In the past month, Distynct released a companion application on mobile devices that users can use along with the online dashboard. The addition of the mobile application makes information even more readily available to users, which aligns well with Distynct’s key-value drivers: optimize labor, reduce medication costs, lower operating expenses through enterprise benchmarking, and create confidence through accurate, real-time data collection.

Distynct focuses on bringing value to customers through continual feedback, which has led to Distynct enhancing their product in the past year. Director of sales at Distynct, Justin Van Wert explains this shift, “As we took our first AI/computer vision product into the market, we realized that producers lacked connectivity. Consequently, Distynct looked to solve that issue by offering a single-source, cost-effective internet network platform that would enable precision livestock farming now and into the future”. Currently, Distynct’s product provides network connectivity with a “cellular gateway” that connects to IoT devices. The data collected by these devices is then readily available to users on a dashboard either on a cellular device or desktop computer. The gateway allows for a customer to connect as many devices as they would like to it, which allows each user to obtain relevant and accurate information to fit their individual needs. This remote monitoring includes temperature, humidity, water consumption, feed bin monitoring, and manure pit levels, and many other customized solutions for producers.

There are monthly software updates that enhance user experience and deliver more value to the users. Distynct’s current focus is development in biosecurity tracking, animal health, along with sustainability and inventory management. The team at Distynct is further developing their technology by partnering with producers to pilot new ideas. 

Our team at the ISU Research Park is looking forward to the additional technology Distynct is looking to develop and the impact it will have on numerous swine producers. To learn more about Distynct and to stay updated with their innovative product, visit their website at