Bethany Zeman has recently joined the Iowa State University Research Park as an administrative assistant. She is a native of Ames, Iowa, and after her graduation from Iowa State University in 2011, Zeman spent several years in Colorado working in different fields, including quality assurance for a fraud investigation department, technology support for Zillow, and as an assistant at a spinal surgery center. She returned home to Ames in 2020, where she worked at Amazon and a family business prior to joining the Iowa State University Research Park in November, 2021. 

In her role, Zeman schedules conference rooms, assists with support functions, prepares and manages the calendar for our Chief Relationship Officer, and works on record keeping. She is excited to watch the continued growth of the Research Park and the impact it will have on the community of Ames.

Zeman loves being outdoors and in her free time, she enjoys hiking and skiing. She is excited to be back in Iowa, so she is closer to her family and can spend time with her nieces.

We are thrilled to have Bethany Zeman join our team and are looking forward to working alongside her.