AMES, Iowa (January 21st, 2021) – Our team is delighted to welcome Mazen Animal Health as our newest affiliate member of the ISU Research Park. The CEO, Jennifer Filbey, founded the company in 2016 through her passion and prowess within the Animal Science industry. Recently, Iowa has provided her with fields of opportunities to acquire knowledgeable investors, expand on research data, and grow her company, with aspirations to release an edible vaccine to farm and food animal producers globally.  

Mazen Animal Health was founded on the recognition of a need for change within the animal vaccination market. Current animal vaccination methods require traveling vaccine crews to individually inject each animal, presenting safety concerns and chaotic conditions for both the animals and the animal handlers. Jennifer notes, “With an edible vaccine that is room temperature stable, you can eliminate the disruption that a vaccination causes.” The edible vaccine will allow animal handlers to merely put the vaccine in the animals’ feed, creating a safer and more cost-effective method to vaccinate animals. As the vaccination is also room temperature stable, Mazen Animal Health can offer its products globally. 

Currently, Jennifer Filbey is working towards closing an investment opportunity with the AgStartup Engine. The AgStartup Engine, housed in the Research Park, strives to offer financing and mentorship to Agricultural Business Startups. The funding from the AgStartup Engine will allow Mazen Animal Health to further its research on their vaccinations to get their vaccination licensed by the USDA. Additional support has come from companies including  Ag Ventures Alliance, Summit Agricultural Group, ISA Ventures, Next Level Ventures, and Kent Corporation. Jennifer stated, “We are very excited to have a group of investors that understands what we are doing and understands animal health and the needs of the producer.” 

Jennifer is excited to utilize the relationships and resources available to her at the ISURP. Jennifer emphasized, “ISU has tremendous resources when it comes to animal vaccines and feed mill development. All of these are things that we need and we would love to access some of the expertise of the University.” These resources will help Mazen Animal Health in its next stage of growth as they continue through the process of running early studies and transition into designing protocols to be approved by the USDA. Jennifer Filbey projects that their vaccination will be approved by the end of the year 2022.

The ISU Research Park is excited to track the journey of Mazen Animal Health as they develop a novel vaccination. To learn more, and follow the companies’ next steps forward, visit their website at