AMES, Iowa (March 2, 2021) – If used properly, technology can dramatically improve the everyday tasks of businesses today. When operations are running efficiently, companies can provide top-quality service, products, and care to their customers and employees. In Motion, Care is a company that is on a mission to use technology to improve senior care, by providing modern-day software to optimize employee operations and enhance the care they provide to their residents.


The founders of In Motion Care, Kat Kilbane, Rod Copple, Steve Lochray, Mark Heston, and Andrew Guillemette, have a passion for serving seniors. Kilbane, Copple, Lochray, and Heston have over 75 years of combined work experience in the senior living industry. Their co-founder, Andrew Guillemette, has a background in engineering and has personal experiences of loved ones receiving sub-standard care in a senior living community. The experiences of the founders sparked the creation of In Motion Care.


The founders observed that because of the lack of effective systems and technology, resident care is difficult to verify, caregivers are often overwhelmed with tasks and unaware of changes in the information, and residents do not fully receive the care they deserve and/or expect. Many senior care communities still rely on outdated manual processes to inform staff of resident care needs, communicate changes to staff, chart care, and train staff members. As a result, when employees become mentally fatigued, there are increased response times and an increased probability of error. Furthermore, some resident needs may be forgotten, misinterpreted, delayed, or can go unnoticed.


In Motion, Care is developing a software solution to meet these needs by utilizing technology to offer real-time updates to caregivers about resident care.  The solution utilizes ultrawideband radio technology to provide real-time location of employees.  This allows management and staff to quickly identify who provided care to residents, who are available to provide assistance when needed, who is available to complete tasks, etc. Because resident care information is uploaded to the software, every caregiver can immediately access the information they need. The software also collects data that can support better decision-making in the future. For example, staff members can know how much time is necessary to complete a task with a given resident and ensure tasks are being allocated optimally to staff members. In Motion Care software brings value to both staff members and residents, optimizing staff workload, preventing staff from being overextended, and providing more comprehensive care for residents.


As the baby boomer generation begins to age, an influx in the need for senior care will further challenge the current manual systems. This impending threat presents a greater need for the innovative software In Motion Care has to offer. Moving forward, the company will aim to get their software in the hands of more senior living communities to prepare for the future and provide a resource that allows staff members to work more efficiently and improve the care provided to residents.


To learn more about In Motion Care, you can call 515.598.1500. Both Mark Heston and Andrew Guillemette are also featured on “The Long Way Around the Barn” podcast, which offers more profound insight into the founders and their company’s mission. The podcast can be found here