Pella Corp., a window and door designer and manufacturer based in Pella, has pledged a $100,000 contribution to help jump-start the “Creators Wanted” campaign — a nationwide effort to reshape America’s perception of manufacturing and confront the industry’s growing skills gap. Led by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute, the workforce and education partner of NAM, the campaign will feature an interactive mobile tour designed to inspire Americans in more than 20 states to pursue the high-skilled, high-paying jobs in modern manufacturing. The tour demonstrates the urgency of manufacturers’ workforce crisis and the industry rallying together to change the perception of manufacturing and build a talent pipeline, said Rob Leskun, vice president of operations for Pella Corp. “We need to unite together as an industry to build the modern manufacturing workforce of tomorrow,” he said. By 2025, the Creators Wanted campaign aims to reduce the U.S. skills gap by 600,000 people, expand the number of students enrolling in technical and vocational schools or re-skilling programs by 25%, and increase the positive perception of the industry among parents, currently 27%, to 50%.