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Certified woman-owned business founded and led by a veterinarian and entrepreneur to service veterinarians and livestock producers in North America and globally.  A lack of access to timely vet care has led to decreased levels of biosecurity and increased infectious disease outbreaks, along with decreased farm productivity and operational efficiency.  VetNOW will change how the world approaches livestock production by providing remote access to veterinary care and management tools while integrating environmental, daily care, and animal health information data for analysis and augmented decision-making.

VetNOW increases herd health, improves farm yield, and optimizes time and resources.  VetNOW is distributed as an interactive Software-as-a-Service platform for remote veterinary care used by farmers and food producers along with veterinary technicians, general practitioners, and specialty care providers.  The platform enables end-to-end services by geographically optimizing and redistributing resources key to livestock production.  Use of VetNOW eliminates time lag for care, increases early detection of disease, and increases veterinary capacity.  Benefits to the farmer/producer will include increased per-animal yield/profit, more time for preventive health measures, and increased efficiency of staff.

Apryle Horbal, President & Founder
Phone: (412)953-1112
Email: ahorbal@vetnow.com
Website: www.vetnow.com