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The Child Welfare Research and Training Project (CWRTP) trains Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) employees; provides outreach to communities, schools, and hospitals; and conducts research on program outcomes. The overall goal is to support those who serve Iowa children, families, and communities.

Through CWRTP, ISU faculty, staff, and students collaborate with the Iowa DHS, Iowa citizens, and other partners. We work together to ensure Iowa’s children and families receive services and care informed by best practices that lead to safety and overall wellbeing. Best practices are enhanced through a commitment to improving quality assurance, technical assistance, education training, and research-based programming

Janet Melby, Director
2325 N. Loop Drive, Suite 6125
Building 6
Ames, IA 50010

Phone: (515) 294-6392
Email: jmelby@iastate.edu
Website: https://childwelfareproject.hs.iastate.edu/