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At Stine Seed Company’s biotechnology facility in Ames, Iowa, researchers are using advanced, proprietary techniques to develop new traits that will provide farmers with more planting flexibility and increased options.

The long, detailed development process can take many years to deliver a single new trait or feature. That’s why we have dedicated years of research and development focused on introducing these traits and features to the market. Using our proprietary aerosol beam injector, we then combine those traits and features with the industry’s best germplasm — the genetics that have kept Stine corn and soybeans atop the yield trials year after year — to deliver a line of corn and soybean seeds that outperform anything else found in the industry.

V. Sekar, Director
2625 N. Loop Drive, Suite 2150
Building 2
Ames, IA 50010

Phone: (515)296-0970
Email: vsekar@stinebio.com
Website: https://www.stineseed.com/research/biotech-lab/