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Rise Energy is pioneering a biomass conversion technology that produces carbon-negative products for renewable fuels and chemicals. At the core of our innovation lies autothermal pyrolysis, a proprietary process that balances endothermic and exothermic reactions, providing the necessary heat to transform biomass into three valuable outputs: biochar (a solid), phenolic oil, and pyrolytic sugar (liquid).

Our commercial process harnesses aggregated and underutilized biomass. The converted liquid fractions – sugar and phenolic oil – serve as intermediates for refiners to produce renewable chemicals, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel, and bio-asphalt. Meanwhile, our biochar can be applied as a soil amendment, acting as a solid carbon sequestration agent, making Rise Energy’s technology carbon-negative.

Rise Energy envisions a network of modular biorefineries strategically located near multiple feedstock sources, operating on a smaller scale than traditional biomass processing facilities. This model allows us to access aggregated feedstocks that would otherwise be inaccessible or costly to transport.

These biorefineries will produce and supply intermediates to centralized refining partners for upgrading into fuels and products.  We aim to drive job creation, particularly in rural areas, produce cost-competitive renewable fuels and products typically derived from petroleum, and facilitate carbon sequestration that improves soil quality.  Rise Energy is transforming biomass into sustainable solutions.

Ryan Smith, CEO
2625 N. Loop Drive, Suite 2631
Building 2
Ames, IA 50010

Phone: (515)520-3685
Email: rsmith@riseenergyusa.com