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Technology has rapidly changed farming, but our homegrown values have not.  At Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, we continue to build our business on the foundation that Willard Latham set 75 years ago- with a commitment to personal service, tailored solutions and a spirit of families helping families.

Latham Seeds has the broadest, deepest portfolio in the industry. We offer more options and diversity for your acres than any other independent, family-owned seed company. Every product in our lineup goes through multiple years of research and testing before it ever earns its ‘number’. We understand that the best options come from highly tested, high-quality seed that help farmers in the upper Midwest get what they need, where they need it… field by field.

That’s what “Family Owned and Farm Proven” means.

Shannon Latham, Vice President
131 180th Street
Alexander, IA 50420

Phone: (641)692-3258
Email: teamlatham@lathamseeds.com
Website: https://www.lathamseeds.com/