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Heartland Assays provides cutting-edge analytics, robust methodologies, and precise, accurate results for their clientele.

Some areas of their expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Vitamin D (including metabolites and binding proteins)
  • Physiological amino acids
  • Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)
  • Hormones
  • Protein analysis

With innovative and proprietary technology, Heartland Assays has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to support all of your analytical needs.

Please visit www.heartlandassays.com to learn more.

John Rathmacher, PhD
2711 S. Loop Drive, Suite 4400
Building 4
Ames, IA 50010

Phone: (515)296-4169
Email: john.rathmacher@heartlandassays.com
Website: http://www.heartlandassays.com/