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Founded in 2010, Data2Bio LLC offers a range of NGS-related services, including SNP/marker  discovery, RNA-seq, high-throughput genotyping, gene mapping and breeding support. We assist clients on six continents with projects as focused as the mapping and cloning of an individual gene, and as complex as designing and conducting multiyear breeding programs that rely on genomic selection. Our clients work on over 30 species ranging from major crops and livestock to species which have not previously been investigated using genomic tools.

tGBS® (tunable-GBS) is Data2Bio’s proprietary Genotyping-by-Sequencing technology. Unique features of tGBS permit highly accurate genotyping of both heterozygous individuals and polyploid species. In addition, these same features make tGBS effective in species without sequenced reference genomes.

Lisa Coffey
2079 Roy J. Carver Co-Laboratory
Ames, IA 50011-3650

Email: lmcoffey@data2bio.com
Website: https://www.data2bio.com/