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CYVAX, an ISU Vaccine Development Laboratory, is establishing a small and flexible laboratory focused on USDA compliant master seeds, manufacturing scale up, and commercial development of materials that can be used for clinical trials to support a commercial theme.  This laboratory will have basic and core equipment to allow USDA compliant activities directed toward USDA licensure.  The lab would be a multi-tenant facility that could support 4-6 concurrent companies in their development cycle and this critical phase of company maturation.  It is anticipated that as companies become successful, they would transition out of this shared facility into their own dedicated laboratory for long-term commercial success or transfer the technology to another commercial partner.   Facility is operated as a not-for-profit with the primary goal of commercial development.

For more information on this program or to apply for membership, please contact:

Michael Roof, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics
Iowa State University
Email: mroof@iastate.edu
Phone: 515-231-7292

Website: https://immunovac.bioconnectiowa.org/cyvax/