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Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is nature’s best decomposer, efficiently upcycling organic waste into best-in-class oil and protein.  BugEra- Insect Biotechnology for a Sustainable Future is a USA/Israeli insect biotech company operating from Beer Seva, developing novel BSF strains.  By using advanced genetic engineering, we develop the BSFx2 strain that doubles the BSF oil volume, unlocks the economic barriers of BSF farming, and enables novel, sustainable oil (an alternative to food oils) to biofuel (biodiesel, renewal diesel, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel- SAF) while increasing organic waste recycling, reducing fuel and organic waste GHG emissions and advancing the circular economy.  BugEra is backed by a US-based strategic investor, a global leader in biofuel production.  See our website and our animation video at https://bugera-bio.tech/.

Yoav Etgar, President
1805 Collaboration Place
Suite 1250
Ames, IA 50010

Email: yoav@bugera-bio.tech
Website: https://bugera-bio.tech/