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BioCV GmbH has developed a cost-effective real-time monitoring system for livestock.  The data is gathered to enable farmers to detect diseases, fertility status, and injuries early on, drastically reducing their reaction time.  At the heart of the system is an electronic, reusable ear tag that records physiological data such as the temperature and activity of farm animal 24/7- basically a smartwatch for pigs.

The BioCV GmbH app is designed to be a digital assistant system usable in the barn and operable by anyone.  The system can automate the localization of animals in the barn and monitor their physiological conditions in real time via machine learning.  The farmer is notified of abnormal behavior (like sickness, heat, or birth) and can react in a targeted fashion.

Deniz Fuhrmann, Deputy Managing Director
Ruesingstr. 45, 44894 Bochum, Germany

Email: denizfuhrmann@biocv.org
Website: https://en.biocv.de/