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​Vermeer Corporation is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to recruit and retain talented employees, in support of providing more customer solutions. Vermeer has an offsite office facility at the Iowa State University Research Park (ISURP) in Ames. The location helps Vermeer better recruit the sought-after talents and skills of Iowa State University students for Vermeer internships and develop their interest in pursuing full-time career opportunities at Vermeer. The arrangement also provides future opportunities for partnerships with ISU in securing potential grants or research project funding, as well as better accommodate Vermeer employees living in the Ames area. We look forward to building relationships that will further our efforts toward taking care of customers worldwide with better solutions.

Nathan Wheeler
2710 S. Loop Drive
Ames, IA 50010

Phone: (641)651-0274
Email: nwheeler@vermeer.com
Website: https://www.vermeer.com/NA/en/N