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State-of-the-art cloud based dental imaging software and ultra-high image quality intraoral high definition cameras. It is well accepted in dentistry today that any intraoral camera will quickly create a positive return on investment for your practice by generating additional revenue and additionally by creating efficiencies in your Dental practice when utilizing pictures as documentation.

However, there are huge differences in the various suppliers of intraoral cameras in regards to performance and image quality, capability of the camera to cover ranges from extreme macro close-ups to extra-oral photos, camera reliability, camera compatibility to specific imaging software a practice is using, regulatory and safety compliance, and price.

Quite simply, we know of no other intraoral camera that can match a REALCLOUD HD1 camera’s picture quality nor its ability to capture images from super macro close-ups to full face dental anatomy, and we offer our product at a reasonable price point especially when considering it is the best intraoral camera instrument available at any price.

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