EnGeniousAg Team Member

EnGeniousAg Team Member

We are seeking team members to assist with the development of new and innovative environmental sensors for water, plants and soil. In this exciting role with a growing start-up, you will blend experience in circuit and sensor design with a passion for problem-solving and chance to do work that addresses a major environmental challenge facing the world we live in today.

You will join our team working to improve the design, development, and fabrication of nutrient sensors. Your experience designing and troubleshooting analog and digital circuits, and/or sensor development will help solve the challenges of embedding sensors in growing plants, living soils, and flowing waterways. These complex problems require creative solutions that often involve the set-up and design of laboratory systems that mimic field conditions. High levels of coordination and time management are required. Hours are flexible, especially after you have demonstrated the ability to work on your own. The EnGeniousAg offices are in the Carver-Co Lab at the edge of the Iowa State University campus with no-cost-to-you parking outside the building. The campus is located in Ames, Iowa. Ames is known for its healthy, stable economy, and flourishing cultural environment. It is one of the top cities in the United States in both living and working environments and has the reputation of being the safest city in the United States. The whole city has a strong artistic atmosphere and full of vitality.

Send your CV/Resume to info@engeniousag.com

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March 29, 2024