Tenant Criteria

Learn how you can move your operation to Iowa State University Research Park.

ISU Research Park is dedicated to serving and advancing the interests of our tenants and committed to engaging them with a rich base of talent, resources, equipment and infrastructure at Iowa State University. As a not-for-profit corporation, operating under a Board of Directors, we have specific tenant criteria.

Tenants must have a previous or desired connection to Iowa State University and/or its related offerings.

Tenants must demonstrate an interest in furthering their relationship with Iowa State by leveraging the skills, students, equipment and/or amenities available through the University.

For more information on the selection process or to see if your company meets the criteria, please contact ISU Research Park.

Tenant Downloads

Locating your operation at ISU Research Park.

Check out the following resources for relocation and site selection needs.


Sample Lease

Park Map

Incubator & Affiliate Application