The space you need to pursue your research and reach your goals.


Iowa State University Research Park’s multi-tenant buildings and office suites allow you to grow your business without tying up critical funds toward the workspace. 

With ISU Research Park, you work with a developer that respects and facilitates the needs of research-based organizations. Terms are extremely flexible — many spaces are available without a commitment to multi-year leases. This allows you to grow and invest in human capital, versus being locked into complicated real estate contracts.

Focus on what you do best – ISU Research Park staff handles the rest. 

As a tenant at ISU Research Park, you get access to nearly everything you need to continue your research and grow your operation:

Spaces can range from a single desk in a common space to build-to-suit offices/labs to an entire building. Multiple square footage options are available, based on your needs. The Park can also assist with telecommunications, space modifications and health and safety issues.

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