Iowa State University Research park

The ISU Research Park (ISURP) was founded to provide space and resources needed to advance science-based initiatives. Today, over 80 companies own or rent space in the Research Park — a number that’s constantly growing. The Research Park works with businesses from a variety of industries to improve economic development in Ames, across the state, and nation wide.

Proximity to Iowa State a Plus for Park Tenants

Since the dawn of the internet age some three decades ago, it has become increasingly more common for teams from distant corners of the globe to come together remotely. What was once novel is now commonplace. With access to an internet connection, a programmer in India can link with an engineer in Indiana and a product specialist in Innsbruck in real- time to push forward any imaginable product or project.

TMC Moves To Offer Interns More

Surrounded by firms focused to pushing the bounds of the technology of tomorrow, TMC’s satellite office in Ames may look a little out of place. The transportation company is focused on efficiently moving multi-ton flatbeds, packed with hard goods, across concrete and asphalt from sea-to-shining-sea. By contrast, by many of its neighbors in the Iowa State Research Park “push weight” by bouncing bits of data around the internet.

An Innovative Approach to STEM Education

Learning to design and build has always been a big part of early education. For centuries, children have been encouraged to explore their imagination with everything from simple blocks carved from wood in the early days to more recent innovations like Lincoln Logs, Legos and the Erector Set. As children enter elementary classrooms activities involving creating, building, and exploring have been often demphasized in favor or traditional math and science instruction. Recently there has been a new movement for including project-based STEM and engineering activities at the earliest grade levels.

Nebullam Aims to Revolutionize Indoor Farming

Founded in a region of the United States with, arguably, the richest soil on the planet, a young Ames-based startup is aiming to revolutionize farming- without any of that soil. Employing a combination of high pressure aeroponics and artificial intelligence (AI), Nebullam is making waves in an increasingly competitive indorrfarming industry.

Ames companies winners at annual Prometheus Awards

Ames companies winners at annual Prometheus Awards

By Ames Tribune staff Several companies based in Ames or with strong ties to the community were recognized during the Technology Association of Iowa’s annual Prometheus Awards ceremony Thursday night. The ceremony was held at Community Choice Credit Union in downtown...

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