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Puretein Bioscience LLC provides contract R&D services and analytical support for protein products such as plasma, whey, colostrum and eggs. We help our clients develop innovative new products and new protein purification processes. We are experienced in scale-up from bench to the industrial scale and also provide analytical services for testing protein fractions.

The accumulated experience of the Puretein Bioscience laboratory staff exceeds 40 years of work in protein purification, process development, diagnostic testing and assay development. Areas of protein purification include plasma fractionation and industrial scale-up, egg yolk extraction, whey and colostrum fractionation, and purification of transgenic milk proteins. We offer expertise in the area of gel electrophoresis with capabilities to run and interpret for our client the most suitable gel for their application. We perform diagnostic testing on liquid and powdered plasma or whey-type samples utilizing a clinical chemistry analyzer, antibody assays and HPLC. Scale up experience from benchtop to the industrial scale includes the operation and modification of industrial centrifuges, membrane filtration, and spray drying/lyophilizing.

Matt Jones
2901 S. Loop Drive, Suite 3303
Building 3
Ames, IA 50010

Phone: (612)910-1820
Email: matt@ptbio.com
Website: http://ptbio.com/