Teamcenter Devops Release Manager

Teamcenter Devops Release Manager

Job Description

Teamcenter Devops Release Manager’s focus is to release the portfolio (brand and applications) on time, predictably by implementing accountable KPIs and process flows to enhance the ability of the combined product team to successfully ensure the timely and reliable delivery of all Teamcenter and associated applications.

The fundamentals of the objectives of the Release Manager role is to ensure

  • Predictable cadence (internally and externally)
  • Metrics / Data driven decision making / forecasting
  • Accountability enabled by data driven transparency
  • Solution cohesion, driven by holistic systems thinking
  • On time delivery

This position is a critical part of the Teamcenter DevOps organization that invests heavily in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) automation that is foundational to the “software factory” that the global software engineering teams use hour to hour. The release manager role pays strict attention to the CI/CD pipeline tools to ensure maximum throughput of quality code.


  • System and Solution Analysis, weekly, monthly, quarterly, quality, and release trends
  • Relentless commitment to continuous improvement, driven by continuous collaboration with the 150 Agile Teams
    • Via Weekly accountability reviews with the Agile Team leaders
    • Via Weekly written communications, including detailed analyses, trends, progression toward quality criteria
    • Via Quarterly Program Reviews with Vice President of the Teamcenter business
  • One on one emphasis driving deeper analysis, and continuous improvement for all DevOps tools, detailing requirements, modelling prototypes, analytical models, all aimed at helping the commercial product development teams be more productive by providing efficient tools and deep analytics to drive data driven decisions.
  • Working with Application owners to conform to expected quality criteria, naming, and releasing standards
  • Ensure the customer facing deliverables are provided in a cohesive presentation via collaborating with the customer delivery team to ensure alignment of delivery and interoperability
    • Administer and monitor existing automation infrastructure, both hardware and software
    • Undergo root cause analysis of failures and address the underlying issues by enhancing scripts and utilities
  • Systems thinking and in-depth analytics to drive the delivery of the Teamcenter portfolio
  • Responsible for ensuring the overall functional quality of the released product on all required platforms meets specified goals/criteria
  • Collaborate with local and global teams to perform job functions to help ensure the high-quality of Teamcenter releases
    • Utilize internal applications to document and track application configurations, failures and to provide status of assigned tasks.
    • Attend ad-hoc and standing team, release, and organizational meetings.
    • Provide compelling dashboards (information radiators) for global team consumption, executive to engineer
  • Works with general supervision on complex projects with latitude for independent judgment.

Required Knowledge/Skills, Education, and Experience

  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering Management, Data Analytics, Information Technology, etc.
  • 1-2 years of job experience in software development or related role
  • Demonstrated systems/solution orientation (breadth vs depth)
  • Demonstrated Analytical skills
  • Familiarity with Analytical tools including Business Intelligence, Data warehousing
  • Proficient use of advanced Microsoft Excel analytical techniques
  • Strong organizational skills, including Program Management, written and verbal communication
  • Demonstrated understanding of Software Development Agile methods and practices (e.g. SAFe)
  • Demonstrated understanding of DevOps tooling related to CI/CD software factory operations (e.g. Jenkins, Electric Flow, Git)

Preferred Knowledge/Skills, Education, and Experience

  • Masters degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering Management, Data Analytics, Information Technology, etc.
  • 3-5 years leadership experience working with large teams
  • Demonstrated development of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence solutions, emphasizing pattern recognition, and predictive failure models

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Posted on

October 26, 2021