Swine Production Intern


As a Swine Production Intern at Summit Agricultural Group, you will be exposed to multiple aspects of our swine management operation. The position is responsible for working in all areas of the swine operations and will be based at our Alden, Iowa headquarters.

Internship Program

Summit’s internship program is tailored to give you a unique experience while allowing you to grow in your area of study. You’ll be expected to work hard and think with an “entrepreneurial spirit” in order to contribute your ideas for improving Summit’s businesses. While you will report to the Finishing Production Manager, your overall experience will be overseen by our Internship Program Coordinator, who will help to ensure a successful internship experience for you. Throughout the internship, you will have the opportunity to see all areas of Summit. At the end of the internship you will be asked to present a comprehensive presentation to Summit’s management team outlining the experiences, results and accomplishments you experienced during your time in the program.

Within Summit Agricultural Group’s paid internship program there will be opportunities to explore other departments, grow your professional network, engage in multiple lunch and learns and after work events!


  • Work with our swine team to receive on-the-job experience in all areas of swine production
  • Practice bio-security measures by showering in and out of each site and changing into the clothes provided
  • Assist with daily tasks within swine facilities ensuring animals have feed, water and proper ventilation available
  • Be exposed to performing site reports providing feedback to the company and caretaker
  • Assist with the training of caretakers ensuring bio-security and animal-welfare is being followed
  • Assist in maintaining maintenance on facilities along with maintaining proper communication regarding pig movements
  • Assist in delivering of supplies to sites
  • Network with people within the swine industry to expand your professional network

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September 7, 2023