Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist

Do you want to shape the future of industries through innovative AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions? We are looking for data scientists who want to apply deep learning techniques to solve real-world problems.

We are a fast-paced team within Workiva Data Management and Analytics focused on building Industry-specific AI products. We are looking for an experienced data scientist with excellent problem-solving skills, and a passion to apply AI techniques to problems in different domains.

Job Summary
The Senior Data Scientist provides expertise and leadership within the Workiva Data Science team. Leads initiatives in descriptive, predictive, and machine learning modeling, advanced statistical techniques, use of database tools and/or other approaches in quantitative analysis of complex products. Creates and executes solutions from initial concept to fully tested production, and communicates results to a broad range of audiences. Advanced use of current and emerging technologies to evaluate data sets and develop actionable insights and recommendations to management. Uses data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and high complexity predictive modeling and fact based management to drive decision-making. Mentors less senior staff. Provides guidance to cross-functional teams. Routinely works on multiple highly complex assignments. Provides consultation to Senior Leadership.

What You’ll Do

  • Identify, and distill business problems into machine learning experiments. Develop and research data science modeling/algorithmic approaches and perform experiments evaluating the approach chosen.
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary, product focused, cross-functional team to deliver business value from artificial intelligence technologies and modeling.
  • Perform rapid iteration on modeling tasks, and result to refine and validate approach.
  • Deal with ambiguity, high dimensional, and real-world data to produce measurable business results.
  • Work in a fast-paced, highly performant team of data scientist within a dynamic business environment. Communicate with peers and business partners virtually; as this position is entirely remote.
  • Communicate results, risks, and provides in-depth documentation and visualizations to educate peers and business partners of experimental results.
  • Deploy, and validate models using rigorous statistical methods.
  • Work with business partners and peers to validate model performance metrics and application of modeling techniques in an effort to drive business value through features Workiva customers love
  • Demonstrates industry leading experience developing, delivering and maintaining machine learning-based solutions in production in the cloud.
  • Provides mentorship and guidance to team members.

What You’ll Need


  • MS/PhD or advanced level degree in CS/EE/Applied Mathematics/Statistics/DS/ML or related fields with knowledge in information retrieval, NLP, Machine Learning and Data Mining strongly preferred

  • Proficiency in at least one scripting language (Python, R).
  • Fluency in SQL and relational/document/column database technologies (postgres, Redshift, Mongodb, presto).
  • Ability to write clean, understandable code that follows leading industry standards and practices and is well-documented, and to build easily reproducible models(git, etc.)
  • Ability to adapt to a changing environment and handle multiple priorities

  • 3+ years of experience working with machine learning libraries and applying them to real-world data science problems.
  • Experienced with machine learning, text mining/natural language processing (NLP).
  • Deep knowledge of some of the popular ML frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn, PyTorch etc.
  • Excellent knowledge and demonstrable experience in using open source NLP packages such as NLTK, Word2Vec, SpaCy, Gensim, Standford CoreNLP.
  • Familiarity with NLP tasks (e.g. OCR, Named Entity Recognition, Document Classification, Sentiment Analyses, Topic Modeling, Summarization, etc).
  • Knowledge and understanding of pre-trained language models like BERT, Hugging Face, and GPT.
  • Demonstrable experience with parallel and distributed computing, statistics, machine learning, cloud technologies like AWS (Sagemaker, Comprehend, Textract, S3, Athena).
Preferred Experience:

  • Experience with graph based databases and GraphML (Neptune, Neo4j, NetworkX)
  • Experience shipping models to production, and ensuring continuous availability via measurements, and tools like statistical process control.
  • Extensive, and relevant research in Machine Learning.
  • Working with distributed computing environments like Hadoop, Spark
  • Familiarity with model monitoring frameworks, and MLOps stacks.
  • Experience using GPU environments optimizing ML performance
  • Domain experience within FinTech/SEC/Financial Reporting

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November 30, 2021