Research and Development – New Engineering Development Program

Research and Development – New Engineering Development Program

Job Summary

What You’ll Do

1. Innovate and design profitable solutions for the agricultural and construction industry.

2. Determine the articulated and unarticulated needs of global customers through research and observation.

3. Create and evaluate proof of concepts to validate the idea for further evaluation by the stakeholders. Demonstrate to team members, customers or dealers the product needs to better define the product.

4. Fosters dealer or stakeholder relationships to research unidentified needs and to perform validation.

What We’re Looking For

– Four year college degree in Agricultural, Computer, Electrical, Industrial or Mechanical.

– Proficient in Solidworks or equivalent CAD tool.

– Proficient in C++, Python and Mathlab preferred.

– Proficient in Design of Experiment preferred.

– Proficient in gathering and evaluating data logs.

– Familiarity with robotics, perception sensors and control system theory.

– Ability to design, test, and implement Human-Machine Interface and Virtual Instrument components and controls.

– Ability to understand needs of customer and incorporate into function of machine.

– Ability to analyze, develop and write specifications that direct software code development.

– Knowledge in the areas of electronic circuits, microcontroller architectures, and principles of operation.

– Ability to communicate timely and effectively, both orally and in written documents.

– Ability to prioritize multiple tasks while maintaining a high level of attention to detail.


Occasional travel is expected of this position.

Work Location

HYBRID: Some of a team member’s day-to-day work may be best done at a location other than a Vermeer campus. Discuss specific arrangements with your manager.

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August 21, 2023