Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager

Job Summary

Product Marketing Managers are responsible for packaging product solutions for presentation to prospects and customers. They are responsible for defining the solution roadmap and for marketing and sales campaigns based on the functionality of the products, the needs and requirements of specific customers, and market opportunities across the customer base and the broader marketplace.

Working within an agile product development and deployment paradigm, where product directions and features are ever- changing, Product Marketing Managers execute the product strategy, following the product road map, basing decisions and actions upon significant sales, customer and market feedback.

Product Marketing Managers typically report to Managers of Product Marketing and are peers to Marketing Program Managers, their counterparts in Corporate Marketing, with which they identify and help prioritize marketing content, activities and events in support of product launches and other go-to-market and general marketing activities.

Product Marketing Managers provide support to marketing and sales areas, identifying performance wins and losses and refocusing marketing content, activities and events to achieve revenue goals by solution, market and industry categories.

Key job responsibilities include positively influencing marketing content, activities and events that drive better and better customer acquisition and retainment.

Key performance indicators include product adoption across existing customers and by new “logos”, increasing sales and profits in relation to corporate targets, cost-efficiency of marketing efforts, and ability to create and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders in Product Management, Product Development, Sales, Corporate Marketing and Customer Satisfaction.

Product Content: Provides good direction and support to Corporate marketing and Sales teams, including identifying and prioritizing marketing content, activities and events based on results

  • Proposes new, or modifications to, existing marketing content, activities and events to drive sales bookings
  • Works with Managers of Product Marketing to develop their marketing and product skills and influence across the Product teams
  • Develops feature adoption tactics with support of Sales and the Product Management team
  • Coordinates training and education of customers to keep pace with new features and functionality
  • Becomes a Product expert

Point Solutions Management: Manages point-solution initiatives to focus sales effort and to ensure the achievement of revenue and profit goals for specific solutions Defines quarterly targets, metrics, go-to-market strategies and plans across Marketing, Sales, Product Development, and training to make sure that the company is equipped to meet plan targets and expectations

  • Acts as the expert on buyer personas at the solution level to enable effective marketing demand generation and sales conversion
  • Develops launch strategy and plans and coordinates execution of go-to-market programs with Outbound Marketing
  • Works with Outbound Marketing on the measurement of go-to-market programs
  • Collaborates with Product Management, Sales Operations, and sales training for successful sales roll-outs of sales enablement and support tools

Product Marketing and Sales Consulting: Provides consulting and management support to marketing and sales areas, identifying emerging market opportunities

  • Executes product positioning and completes competitive analysis
  • Performs market and customer research
  • Meets with customers in partnership with Product Management and Sales to explore market opportunities
  • Works with Corporate Marketing department to build marketing and sales collateral and webinar content and schedules
  • Acts as a product evangelist, internally and externally, by supporting marketing activities and events

What You’ll Need

  • Ability to work directly with customers
  • Extraordinary listening and communication skills
  • Passion for products and discovering new features to meet market needs
  • Enjoys working with metrics and analytics that drive decision making


  • 5+ years of experience in roles relating to product marketing, including product management, marketing, finance and accounting, audit, consulting, financial services, and product sales
  • High comfort level working in a technology environment; experience in the technology sector preferred
  • Track record of building marketing and sales programs


  • B.A./B.S. degree in marketing, business, or similar area of study preferred

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April 14, 2022