Principal/Chief Software Architect

Principal/Chief Software Architect

Principal/Chief Software Engineer

At Siemens we are always challenging ourselves to build a better future.  We need the most innovative and diverse Digital Minds to develop tomorrow’s reality.  Find out more about the Digital world of Siemens here:

Responsible for developing vision, business strategy, technical strategy and high-level architecture across the SW portfolio.

Candidates should have following skillset:

  • Broad PLM domain knowledge
  • Strength in soft skills is a must with an ability to communicate effectively with executive management
  • Ability to communicate effectively with product management and technical leadership
  • Ability to adapt messaging to different audiences
  • Leadership skills in working across different development groups
  • Demonstrated experience in working with many broad initiatives across development groups
  • Ability to layout architecture vision for large initiatives
  • Good understanding of modern technologies around cloud, databases and frameworks
  • Good industry business process knowledge based on working with customers in manufacturing (discrete first)
  • Ability to work with large customers including presentation skills
  • Ability to lead team of architects from both a technical and a managerial perspective

Apply through the link below;


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April 30, 2021