Marketing Automation Manager

Marketing Automation Manager

About Pivot Bio:

Fueled by an innovative drive and a deep understanding of the soil microbiome, Pivot Bio is pioneering game-changing advances in agriculture. Our first commercial product harnesses the power of naturally-occurring microbes to provide nutrients to crops.  We are dedicated to providing new sustainable ways for farmers to improve yield as they work to help feed the world’s growing population. Read/Hear more about Pivot Bio on Forbes or PBS News Hour.

Position: Marketing Automation Manager; Ames, IA or Des Moines, IA

Responsible for supporting marketing campaign design, and implementing marketing initiatives, that utilize best practices to deliver engagement, conversion, and pipeline generation. Pivot Bio uses HubSpot as a hub to drive campaigning through email, landing pages, targeted display advertising, website personalization, and accounts-based management (ABM) programs, and this position will be expected to contribute to strategic marketing initiatives across these channels and have strong HubSpot technical management skills to help manage the HubSpot instance, data integrity, and HubSpot’s integrations across Commercial Team platforms.


  • Build, test, launch and optimize campaigns including email template setup, campaign setup, lead nurture, event promotion, ABM, data management, A/B testing, scheduling tracking and measuring campaign performance.
  • Build and test marketing campaign assets including emails, landing pages, forms within marketing automation tools.
  • Segment lists based on demographic and firmographic data and behaviors like past email engagement and website interactions.
  • Develop and implement strategy for ongoing control, maintenance and enhancement of marketing database process.
  • Collaborate campaign management to identify and implement processes to increase sales opportunities through database management and refined lead management strategies.
  • Automate and improve data integrity and data management initiatives, including segmentation implementation and analysis, list management, and lead processes in HubSpot.
  • Build, manage and maintain reports with the business intelligence analysts to track ROI and success metrics for every campaign.
  • Excel in project management and product requirement skills to ensure projects consistently meet delivery deadlines.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Business, Marketing, Project Management or related field
  • 7+ years of experience with Marketing Automation
  • Proven HubSpot or marketing automation platform experience with a background in supporting complex marketing automation campaigns
  • Previous hands-on experience scaling demand generation programs, including nurture and other outbound programs
  • 3+ years HTML/CSS knowledge for email design and coding
  • Excellent grasp of best practices for email marketing and design
  • Experience with editing tools such as Photoshop for image resizing for HTML troubleshooting

*Must be authorized to work in the United States

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November 2, 2021