External Relations Manager

External Relations Manager

Job Summary:

This individual will manage the daily operations of Sukup Manufacturing Co. Ames office. In addition to managing employees this individual will promote, market, and represent Sukup Manufacturing Co. within the Ames/Des Moines metro, media outlets, and other education institutions. Independent judgement is required to plan, prioritize, and organize a diversified workload.

Essential Job Requirements:

High School diploma, Bachelor’s degree preferred and/or equivalent work experience, strong customer service skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, industry knowledge, professionalism, and the ability to multi-task. This employee will work with team members to maximize productivity and efficiency. Overtime hours may be required.

Preferred Skills:

Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point

Job Duties:

  • Manage and engage employees in the Ames office
  • Develop metrics to measure engagement with educational institutions & external contacts
  • Create relationships with Iowa State University Research Park and other Iowa based businesses
  • Assist in hiring process and onboarding of interns
  • Assist with Sukup Events held in Ames/Sheffield
  • Communicate with Sukup Headquarters on a regular basis
  • Support communications needs for HR and internal office needs
  • Create presentations, press releases, and other management-level reports
  • Provide oversight of intern connections in Ames
  • Promote and market Sukup Manufacturing Co. within the Ames/Des Moines Metro
  • Generate new, while engaging in existing, relationships with ISU
  • Interact regularly and engage in collegiate clubs
  • Network and sustain external relationships with Des Moines metro and Ames area
  • Lobby for Sukup Manufacturing Co. at the state and federal level
  • Safe T Home/GoServ Global outreach
  • Facilitating communication for Capstone projects
  • Other duties as assigned

Posted on

November 2, 2021