Delivery Driver- Clayton Farms

Delivery Driver- Clayton Farms


Clayton Farms is a direct-to-consumer indoor hydronic farm located in Ames, Iowa. Our mission is to grow what people want, so we position our farms in the same neighborhoods we serve; allowing us to harvest fresh produce and deliver directly to our customers the same day, all year long.

Clayton Farms is looking for drivers to deliver our fresh produce from our farm in Ames to our customers’ residences in the Ames and Des Moines area. Deliveries currently go out every Wednesday and Thursday, starting with a mid-morning pickup at our Ames farm. Every other week, on Friday, there is a trip to Eastern Iowa.

This is an independent contractor (non-employee) position and paid on a per stop basis.

Deliveries will be made with your own vehicle and routes assigned will be based on your availability. We offer flexibility in length and the number of routes that each driver is able to take on each week.


Delivery Team Members will be expected to interact with our customers at delivery by answering any questions and operate with a “white-glove service” mentality, providing an elevated level of care and attention to detail. In addition, the opportunity requires the following:

  • Reliable vehicle and auto insurance
  • Valid driver’s license (CDL not required)
  • Must maintain a safe driving record
  • Smartphone



  • $3.00 per delivery, flat fee
    • # of stops range from 30-90
  • $3.00 per delivery + $50 Gas Stipend, for each Eastern Iowa trip.

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October 2, 2023