Content Designer Manager

Content Designer Manager

As a Content Design Manager you are responsible for delivering business outcomes by empowering your reports to excel at their content responsibilities in order to improve the overall experience of Wdesk. This includes UX team management and administration, building and improving UX processes, advising and coaching on Product Team discovery processes, maintaining recruitment channels, and being an advocate for good help content, microcopy, release notes, and user guides within R&D and out to the rest of Workiva. Equally important is your responsibility for mentorship. As a member of the UX leadership team, you will help grow and refine the team’s skillset, both with individual reports and the team as a whole.

What You’ll Do
Management: Creates and implements processes and policies that optimize operational effectiveness and efficiency and that enhance employee performance

  • Aligns UX values with the desired business results of the company, helping to define the objectives that matter to both the team and the business
  • Coaches UX team members (and their peers in PM, Dev, etc.) on content practices in order to prioritize content work and design effective and consistent content
  • Provides objectives and empowers the appropriate personnel to achieve successful outcomes
  • Provides critical feedback to team members on content drafts and advise on best practices for developing optimal content
  • Ensures a consistent user experience across product teams
  • Coordinates multiple UX team members to accomplish cross-team objectives, minimizing the duplication of effort
  • Facilitates continuous improvement of quality and productivity by leading the UX department in ongoing reevaluation and revision of processes, tools, and standards

Team-Building & Mentorship: Builds a strong sustainable organization with high levels of employee engagement by attracting and developing superior talent and rewarding superior performance of teams and individuals

  • Provides UX employees with coaching, feedback, and developmental opportunities including leadership development to enhance their skills, motivation, and performance
  • Maintains an atmosphere of respect, mutual support, flexibility, continuous learning, good humor, and commitment to business goals and customer needs to fulfill the company vision
  • Matches staff skills and talent to tasks to ensure optimal engagement and performance
  • Rewards superior team and individual performance in ways that enhance employee engagement, commitment, and satisfaction
  • Manages staff recruitment, supervision, scheduling, performance management, development, evaluation, and disciplinary actions
  • Demonstrates the charisma and assessment capability to attract top talent
  • Identifies and resolves interpersonal conflicts and resource issues

Support Business Goals: Clearly articulates business goals, balanced by user needs and use-cases, that ensure that the product meets expectations as defined by upper management

  • Provides management oversight for developing content strategy and delivering positive user outcomes through effective help, app language, feature tours, and release notes.
  • Ensures that team members focus on delivering the right content, at the right time, with the right amount of effort
  • Provides leadership for the user experience team to fully understand and resolve issues, concerns, and problems that result in delivering high quality product experiences

What You’ll Need

  • Demonstrates a solid understanding of user experience principles and research methodologies
  • Solid skills in content strategy, voice & tone, developing style guides, writing, editing, and media production
  • Solid understanding of user experience, user centered design, human factors, or human computer interaction
  • Proficiency with gathering and interpreting user data
  • Ability to manage teams
  • Time management skills
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to effectively recruit team members


  • Six to ten plus years of expertise in content design, technical communication, user experience writing or a related discipline.
  • A proven track record of direct report/peer engagement and advancement, whether in a management position, as a mentor, or as a coach.
  • Demonstrated exceptional proficiency in user experience content strategy, writing, media design, and/or additional methodologies is preferred.


  • B.A./B.S. degree in design, technical communication, professional writing, language arts, communication, related field or equivalent experience
  • Master’s degree or PhD preferred

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March 31, 2022