Conservation Intern


As a Conservation and Grounds Intern at Summit Agricultural Group, you will gain knowledge and work experience in a large-scale farming operation, with specific responsibilities pertaining to land and conservation management. The position will be based at our Alden, Iowa headquarters.

Internship Program

Summit’s internship program is tailored to give you a unique experience while allowing you to grow in your area of study. You’ll be expected to work hard and think with an
“entrepreneurial spirit” in order to contribute your ideas for improving Summit’s businesses. While you will report to the Environmental Operations Manager, your overall experience will be overseen by our Internship Program Coordinator, who will help to ensure a successful internship experience for you. Throughout the internship you will have the opportunity to see all areas of Summit. At the end of the internship you will be asked to present a comprehensive presentation to Summit’s management team outlining the experiences, results and accomplishments you experienced during your time in the program.

Within Summit Agricultural Group’s paid internship program there will be opportunities to explore other departments, grow your professional network, engage in multiple lunch and learns and after work events!


  • Assist with maintaining the grassland, food plots, ponds and timber areas on Summit Ag managed properties including prescribed burning, planting, mowing, spraying, and tree shearing
  • Plant and maintain the health and growth of new trees, some practices include dripline irrigation maintenance, mowing, spraying
  • Gain experience in prepping seed beds, seeding bluegrass and maintaining lawns Interact effectively with the Summit team in all stages, activities and responsibilities involved with the internship
  • Operate company-owned equipment and perform general repair and maintenance when needed
  • Learn about the effective and safe use of herbicides
  • Gain exposure to the day-to-day activities associated with the rest of Summit’s farming operations, including pork, beef and crop production

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September 7, 2023