Clayton Farms Indoor Farming Certificate Program

Clayton Farms Indoor Farming Certificate Program


Clayton Farms builds direct-to-consumer indoor farms. Our mission is to grow what people want, so we launch our hydroponic indoor farms within communities, allowing us to harvest fresh produce and deliver directly to consumers on the same day, year-round.

Individuals who are approved to participate in this volunteer program will learn essential skills within indoor farming using hydroponic growing methods. The program can also cover requirements needed to fulfill a Master Gardener Certificate, for those interested.

Total hours to complete the Clayton Farms Indoor Farming Program: 20 hours.

Total hours to complete the Master Gardener Certificate Volunteer Hours: 40 hours.

This program will cover six main topic areas of indoor farming. Individuals will spend 4-8 hours in each of the following areas:

1.     Seeding

2.     Transplanting

3.     Harvesting

4.     Sanitizing Equipment

5.     Production Scheduling + Fulfillment

6.     Nutrient Management

Upon Completion: You will be knowledgeable in the topics listed above and have gained hands-on experience. You will earn a Clayton Farms Indoor Farming Certificate, proving your completion of our 20-hour volunteer program. If enrolled to complete Master Gardener Certificate, you will earn a certificate proving your completion of the 40-hour volunteer program.

If you align with our mission of growing what people want, please apply.

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November 13, 2023