2021 Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Conference



Keynote Speakers:


  • Dr. Balaji Narasimhan – Overview of Nanoparticles/Nanovaccines
  • Dr. Claire Andreasen – ONE HEALTH – Our Role

Dr. Balaji Narasimhan



Dr. Claire Andreasen

Day One


Human Vaccines and Cancer videos include:


  • Dr. Steven Varga – Promising polyanhydride RSV nanovaccine candidates
  • Dr. George Weiner – A novel diagnostic platform for quantifying receptor occupancy by ligand
  • Dr. Kevin Legge – Polyanhydride nanoparticles as a platform for the design of effective and novel universal influenza virus vaccines
  • Dr. Karin Allenspach – 3D organoids to streamline healthcare in bladder cancer; a ONE HEALTH approach
  • Dr. Michael Cho – Receptor binding domain (RBD) – based subunit vaccines against SARS-COV2

Dr. Steven Varga

Dr. Karin Allenspach

Dr. George Weiner 

Dr. Michael Cho

Dr. Kevin Legge


Microbiome/Probiotics videos include:


  • Dr. Mark Lyte – Microbial endocrinology as a platform for mechanistically designed probiotics and synbiotics
  • Dr. Albert Jurgens – Ex vivo/in vivo testing of dietary and probiotic interventions in healthy dogs
  • Dr. Gregory Phillips – Probiotic bacteria for improved human and animal health
  • Dr. Melha Mellata – Novel prophylactics to improve gut immunity in chickens to increase resistance to bacteria and improve health

Dr. Mark Lyte

Dr. Melha Mellata

Dr. Albert Jurgens

Dr. Gregory Phillips


Diagnostics, Pathogen Detection, and Biosensors videos include:


  • Dr. Nigel Reuel – Cell-free synthetic biology and resonant sensors for infection disease and pathogen detection
  • Dr. Carmen Gomes – Laser-induced graphene for pathogens and toxins in field sensing
  • Dr. Nicole Hashemi – An advanced and reproducible 3D cell culture platform: mitigating risk in drug development and testing processes
  • Dr. Pranav Shrotriya – Nanoporous Alumina-based Electrochemical Aptasensors for Biomarker Detection

Dr. Nigel Reuel

Dr. Pranav Shrotriya

Dr. Carmen Gomes

Dr. Nicole Hashemi


Day Two


Veterinary Vaccines and Disease Prevention videos include:


  • Dr. Jennifer Wilson-Welder – Bovine Leptospirosis infection and vaccination: antigen delivery in novel adjuvants and platforms
  • Dr. Jodi McGill – Development of a novel vaccine for BRSV infection in calves
  • Dr. David Verhoeven – Development and optimization of a novel universal influenza vaccine for multiple species
  • Dr. Pat Halbur – New and Emerging Disease in Animal Health
  • Dr. Douglas Jones – Vaccine Implants: a versatile approach
  • Dr. Jonathan Mochel – Accelerating drug discovery in veterinary medicine with 3D canine organoids
  • Dr. Richard Martin – Drugs and drug targets: Nematode Ion-Channels

Dr. Jennifer Wilson-Welder

Dr. Pat Halbur

Dr. Richard Martin

Dr. Jodi McGill

Dr. Douglas Jones

Dr. David Verhoeven

Dr. Jonathan Mochel


Platform Technologies/Institutes videos include:


  • Dr. Chris Tuggle – SCID Pigs as a large animal model for testing stem cell-based and cancer immunotherapies
  • Dr. Jonathan Mochel – Pre-clinical screening of therapeutic drugs using 3D canine miniature organs
  • Dr. Paul Plummer – NIAMRRE
  • Dr. Jim Roth – Veterinary Biologics Training Program – what you need to know to get a veterinary biologic licensed
  • Dr. Bryan Bellaire – BL III Laboratories service and technical capacities
  • Rick Sanders – ISU Research Park – Bringing Biotechnology to Life

Dr. Chris Tuggle

Dr. Jim Roth

Dr. Jonathan Mochel

Dr. Bryan Bellaire

Dr. Paul Plummer

Rick Sanders


Startups videos include:


  • Darin Heisterkamp – NanoSPY – Rapid Pathogen Detection Biosensor – Sampling to Detection in 20 minutes
  • Dr. Wes Wierson – LEAH – A platform for translational immunotherapy modeling in spontaneous canine disease
  • Dr. Nicole Hashemi – Nistron LLC – A new 3D cell culturing platform: Changing the future of customized immunotherapy
  • Dr. Jonathan Mochel & Dr. Karin Allenspach – 3D – Accelerating drug discovery in veterinary medicine with 3D canine organoids

Darin Heisterkamp

Dr. Jonathan Mochel & Dr. Karin Allenspach

Dr. Wes Wierson

Dr. Nicole Hashemi

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