Find your next great team member through Iowa State University Research Park.

At ISU Research Park, you have the opportunity to leverage one of Iowa State’s greatest assets – the student population. Iowa State University is a rich recruiting ground for young minds, many of whom are pursuing degrees in technology, science, agriculture and other relevant fields.

With an enrollment of nearly 35,000, you can find students whose interests align with yours, whether it’s for staffing or research purposes.

Internship programs and part-time positions can be a cost-effective labor source until you can afford to expand your staff. Plus, students benefit from on-the-job training while they pursue their degree.

The Reiman Scholar Program offers students hands-on experience relevant to their field of study. Following a brief training, interns are placed in actual start-up companies for the internship experience. While there, they are exposed to a broad range of company management, product development and marketing aspects of the business.

Looking for volunteers or people interested in paid research opportunities? The Iowa State campus makes for a great place to conduct a study, with a diverse demographic, a relevant educational backdrop and numerous opportunities to promote your initiative.

Looking for an opportunity to work at ISU Research Park? Job listings are available on our Careers page.