Expand your capabilities with collaborative relationships available through Iowa State University Research Park.

ISU Research Park is strategically located in the Midwest research hub and Iowa's Cultivation Corridor. Government labs and testing centers are headquartered in the surrounding area. You can apply their relevant experience and critical intelligence to advance your own work.  

By partnering with external agencies and thought leaders, our tenants are able to leverage subject-matter experts and trusted third-party findings in their own scientific and commercial pursuits. Thanks to ISU Research Park, research assistance is a just short drive away — or even closer, through one-click teleconferencing.

ISU Research Park’s established collaboration network allows you to simplify your own business model. Exchange ideas. Build on results. Turn a profit.

ISU Research Park tenants have worked with many of the area's leading research centers and test sites, including:

Interested in putting ISU Research Park's relationships to work? Contact us to learn more about ISU Research Park's collaboration network.