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March 7, 2016

Construction Update: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica 

Last month Story Construction completed work on the Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica facility and employees began the transition to their new space. The new ISURP building boasts 52,000 square feet of finished space and will serve as Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica's North American Animal Health Research and Development Center. 

Construction Update: Vermeer Applied Technology Hub (VATH)

Weitz completed construction on the Vermeer portion of this facility in February, and the company is transitioning into the space. Vermeer will occupy the entire first floor of the building. 

Construction Update: StartUp Factory

Weitz transitioned from construction in the Vermeer portion of the VATH into second floor finishes for the Iowa State Economic Development Group's StartUp Factory. Stay tuned for exciting updates on this new development.

Construction Update: ISU Economic Development Core Facility 

Story Construction is on schedule for late June completion. The building is fully enclosed and all second floor framing, electrical, plumbing and mechanical are complete. Those projects will now transition to the first floor. This building's air handling equipment is in the basement, as opposed to the roof, and this is also complete. 

Construction Update: The Cafe

The building pad is to elevation, and utilities construction and footing work are imminent. 

Construction Update: Ames Racquet and Fitness

Excavation crews began moving dirt TODAY! With consistent warm temperatures, this project will progress quickly to a similar construction timeline as The Cafe. 

Construction Update: Roundabout Enhancements/Finishes/Entrance Enhancements 

We are awaiting timing from the contractor/subcontractors (and the weather Gods) regarding the final finishes to the sidewalks, bike paths and permanent paint. Not to be confused with the City's roundabout project but nonetheless occurring in tandem with the roundabout finishes, ISURP staff and Board members are undergoing a process with Shive-Hattery to prioritize/design signage and landscape features. The Airport Road/University gateway entrance is one area where we anticipate changes/enhancements to occur. Work on that plan will be complete early this summer, with an implementation schedule also to be determined as part of the plan. 

October 21, 2015

Construction Update: Roundabouts Progressing

The City of Ames continues to progress on the three roundabouts on University Avenue south of Highway 30. Access to the ISU Research Park is now available from University Avenue at Airport Road, as well as from the east on Airport Road. A video produced by Hunziker & Associates (right) shows progress made at the ISU RP.

Construction Update: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica

The new Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica building continues take shape; as nearly all exterior and landscaping work is complete. The parking lot and sidewalks are paved, and exterior signage has been added. Painting (interior finishes) lab case work coming. The building is expected to be complete December 31st, 2015
Construction Manager: Story Construction
Workers on site: 16 trades (companies) and 60-70 employees daily

Construction Update: Vermeer Applied Technology Hub

The Vermeer Applied Technology Hub (above) has also made significant progress, with exterior walls in place and work to enclose the facility continuing. The parking lot is 80% paved and all the interior floors are poured. Construction on the interior will continue through winter.
Construction Manager: Weitz
Workers on site: 7 trades and ~40 employees daily

Construction Update: ISU Economic Development Core Facility Under Construction

The ISU RP's Phase III development is starting to make significant progress, with the ISU Economic Development Core Facility shaping up. The 18' high basement walls are complete, steel is going up, and 100 geothermal wells are currently being installed at a depth of roughly 300 feet, accounting for more than five miles of drilling. 
Construction Manager: Story Construction
Workers on site: 8 trades and 30-40 employees daily

August 18, 2015

The ISU Research Park continues to expand and renovate as multiple construction projects take shape around the park. Here is a snapshot of current projects:

Construction Update: Boehringer Ingelheim Research and Development Facility 

BI's new 52,000-square-foot building (pictured above) is quickly progressing after it was fully enclosed in the last month. The parking lot is fully paved and the majority of the exterior facade is complete. The next step is beginning interior finishes and lab/casework installation. Expected completion date is December 31st, 2015.

Construction Update: City of Ames roundabout project 

All storm sewers north of Workiva are installed and installation continues south of Workiva. The earthwork should be ready for granular subbase soon, and project completion is expected November 30, 2015.

Construction Update: ISURP Multi-Tenant/Vermeer Applied Technology Hub 

This 36,000-square-foot building is nearly ready for walls as site grading and footings are nearly complete. The building is scheduled to be finished March 1, 2016.

Construction Update: ISU Economic Development Core Facility 

Walls of the basement are progressing and the majority of footings have been poured. Expected completion date is June, 2016. 

Construction Update: JUST IN..City of Ames Water Valve on Airport Road

The City of Ames just notified ISU RP that they will work on a water valve east of ISU RP on Airport Road (by Sam's Club & Lowe's) for the next 2-3 days. Water will not be affected but Airport Road from South Duff to the airport will be head to head in the two east bound lanes. Plan your commute accordingly. 

July 14, 2015

Construction Update: Vermeer 

The Iowa State University Research Park and Vermeer Corporation announced on June 30th the groundbreaking on the Vermeer Applied Technology Hub to be located at 2710 South Loop Drive. 

Vermeer will initially occupy approximately 23,000 of the 35,880-square-foot facility, which will be built, owned and operated by ISU RP. Construction will continue throughout 2015 and into early 2016, with an anticipated move-in date in May 2016. Read more about the facility here.

Construction Update: Airport Road Closure 

The Airport Road entrance at University Boulevard is now closed as the City of Ames constructs one of three roundabouts at the ISU Research Park as part of the Phase 3 expansion and growth. The entrance officially closed on July 6 and is expected to be closed for 6 to 8 weeks.

For additional information or to stay up to date on project progress, visit and click on the the "Living" tab, then click on "Construction Update".

May 29, 2015

Construction Update: ISU Economic Development Core Facility 
One doesn't have to venture too far south on University past Airport Road to see that there is much progress on the entire Phase III expansion, even if all of the activity is a bit obtuse. The site is currently adorned with fallen Ash trees, staked flags marking property lines, flags for utility locates and construction/grading equipment is moving in. To that end, much of the site grading and footing excavation at the EDCF location is ongoing. 
Although the heavy rains have slowed progress somewhat, the project remains ahead of schedule. Currently, the topsoil has been stripped from the site (and stockpiled for later re-spread), the construction access and staging area are installed, and the project superintendent trailer is on site. Grading work on the storm water detention for the facility is also ongoing, which will include a series of wetlands in our large natural/park area.
Construction Update: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
Construction of this 52,000 square foot facility continues ahead of schedule for an anticipated December 31, 2015 completion. Within the next week, the building will begin to take shape as glass is delivered and installed. By the end of June, the exterior of the building will be virtually complete and watertight to the elements. Much of the interior ductwork, electrical, and wiring work is also complete. Site work (sidewalks, fine grading, parking lot) will begin in July. 
Construction Update: City of Ames University Blvd Improvements
The City of Ames awarded the contract for water main and sanitary sewer work to Ames based J&K Contracting. Work is scheduled to begin Wednesday, June 3. Initially, the majority of activity will occur south of the Workiva building in the new Phase 3 addition. The City awarded the paving/storm sewer contract to Manatt's. The majority of the road construction for that portion of the project is scheduled to begin in mid June, as minor utility work is currently being performed to prepare for the larger street construction project. The street construction, which will incorporate the City's first three roundabouts, will create a unique gateway to the Research Park