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VariFAS Biorenewables LLC is cofounded by a team of researchers (Dr. Fuyuan Jing, Dr. Basil Nikolau, Dr. Marna Yandeau-Nelson, and Dr. Peter Keeling) from Iowa State University who are highly interested in developing sustainable, bio-based technologies. VariFAS has been the recipient of Iowa State i6-green award and NSF Phase I SBIR award for its research and business development. VariFAS is to provide our industry partners with specific biomass-derived omega-7 mono-unsaturated fatty acids of various chain lengths. They can be used to make variety of fatty acid derivatives and other bi-functional specialty chemicals for the application in surfactants, lubricants, and polymers. Our vision is to produce biorenewable chemicals economically, help our partners create environment-friendly products, and contribute our effort to build a bio-based sustainable chemical industry.

Fuyuan Jing, President
4122 Biorenewable Research Lab
617 Bissel Road
Ames, IA 50011

Website: http://www.varifas.com/