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N-Sense’s vision is to use a new robust solid-state mid-infrared spectrometer mounted on a fertilizer applicator as sensor to continuously measure soil nitrate levels and to use that information to modulate sidedress N Fertilizer application rates in real-time as the fertilizer applicator moves through a field.  Farmers today are applying a uniform (average) rate of N fertilizer across their fields even though the supply of N already in the soil varies substantially across the field.  Our technology will allow farmers to put N fertilizer where it is needed and avoid putting it where it is not needed.

The incentive for farmers to adopt our nitrate sensor technology will be both increased crop yields and substantial savings in N fertilizer costs (10- 50% depending on soil, climate, and management).  Furthermore, our technology will reduce the loss of nitrate from fields to surface and ground water thereby reducing nitrate pollution of our water resources and lowering the risk of fertilizer being regulated by the Clean Water Act.

Natalia Rogovska, CEO
4204 Arizona Circle
Ames, IA 50014

Phone: (515)291-0142
Email: nrogovska@n-sense.us
Website: https://n-sense.us/