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AgTech Innovations Labs aims to develop technology innovations to modernize farmers’ production practices, reduce risk of crop failures, and increase yields for better economic returns, thereby creating sustained interest of current and next generation stakeholders of the agriculture value chain.  All the development, testing and up-scaling activities will be executed under three different market verticals.

1. AgTech Innovations Lab- focuses on researching experimenting on frontier agriculture technologies such as traceability with digital barcoding, value-added technologies for processing, post-harvest, product development, and market linkages. This vertical also examines current challenges and needs of the agriculture value chain for developing needed solutions and innovations.
2. EdTech Innovations Lab- focuses on modernizing ag education, capacity development, and training activities to create market-ready professionals for satisfying the needs of ag and related sectors.  This vertical also focuses on skill mapping and skill development programs tailored to transform literate, semi-literate, and illiterate individuals into skilled professional for satisfying current needs and emerging demands.
3. NewTech Innovations Lab- focuses on carrying experiments on all novel digital technology innovations that includes virtual reality applications, drones, and robotics.

Dileepkumar Guntuku, President
2625 N. Loop Drive, Suite 2625
Building 2
Ames, IA 50010

Phone: (515)537-9634
Email: gdileepkumark@gmail.com