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Acumen Instruments Corporation specializes in technologies for data collection, storage, and analysis and has developed DataBridge technology and a product based on this technology, DataBridge SDR. DataBridge technology is a revolutionary technique for linking instruments with convenient, affordable, off-the-shelf consumer storage devices.

Since Acumen’s incorporation in 1997, DataBridge technology has been used to record process monitoring data, store high-volume data generated by GPS reference stations, log industrial sensor outputs, monitor air quality, and store data from medical diagnostic equipment in environments ranging from factories and laboratories to forest canopies and Antarctic mountaintops. As the world enters the post ‘PC’ era- an age where computer technologies move into everyday appliances- DataBridge technology (and future Acumen technologies) can help manufacturers integrate data handling with their instruments- turning devices that rely on PC’s into stand-alone data collection tools.

Greg Dace, CEO
2625 N. Loop Drive, Suite 2654
Building 2
Ames, IA 50010

Phone: (515)296-5399
Email: gedace@acumeninstruments.com
Website: www.acumeninstruments.com