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Parametric Studio, Inc. is based in Ames and was recently founded as a spin-off from VSI-Aerospace to develop and sell the STEM Educational Game software.  The company's first product offering DAVinCI Flight is a STEM-oriented educational game that allows users to model and fly gliders in a game-based, virtual 3-D environment.  Unlike typical video games in the market the simulation engine of DAVinCI Flight is based on real physics and not just an animation. The company recently received an award in the amount of $100,000  through Iowa Economic Development Authority's  Demonstration Fund program for hiring key personnel, product refinement, market planning and market entry activities. The company is also closely working with Iowa 4-H to offer STEM curriculum based week long camps for 4-H members nationwide. For more details about the products visit the product website www.davinciflight.com.

Parametric Studios is part of the ISU Startup Factory Cohort 1.