Specialist in Cheminformatics/Computational Chem

Specialist in Cheminformatics/Computational Chem


To interact closely with medicinal chemists to propose new ideas for structure-based combinatorial libraries, inhibitor design, or variants of existing compounds that may be useful in advancing project goals.

• Provide computational chemistry and cheminformatics support for on-going projects.
• Develop and validate computational chemistry and cheminformatics approaches and processes that can be applied to multiple projects across different therapeutic areas.
• Establish databases and processes for tracking and analysis of compound and associated assay information acquired from multiple sources.
• Support medicinal chemistry efforts driven by structural biology, virtual screening, fragment based and docking approaches.
• Aid in efforts to support a informatics system to track chemistry reagents and compound inventory.
• Constantly strive to keep up with the state of the art in cheminformatics and information science, search and data manipulation, analysis and visualization technologies. Stay updated on industry best practices and drive the adoption of novel approaches and methods in the field within the scientific and the informatics community.

• Use thinking and reasoning to solve a problem.
• Working knowledge of the scientific/ technical drug development process within the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.
• Apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical problems.
• Design and conduct a systematic, objective, and critical investigation.

Master’s Degree or Doctorate Preferred in computational chemistry and cheminformatics

Experience in employing computational chemistry and cheminformatic methods.
Broad expertise in structure-based drug design approaches.
A solid understanding of cheminformatics methodologies including database administration, compound tracking, assay data organization, similarity searching, QSAR, structure and ligand-based virtual screening, and ADME modeling and application of these technologies in solving drug discovery problems.
Familiarity with software packages such as Dotmatics (Browser, Vortex), SpotFire, MOE, Gold, Pymol, Gaussian.

Other Requirements:
Hands on experience in large scale data analysis in cheminformatics and bioinformatics.
Proficient in scripting languages such as Perl/Python/Ruby.
Understanding of the drug discovery process.
Background in synthetic chemistry and medicinal chemistry.
Excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to effectively communicate across different cultures in the global scientific community.


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February 23, 2017