Software Engineer – Contractor

Software Engineer – Contractor

Company Overview:
Vertex Software is shaping the future of product development in manufacturing. Vertex unlocks 3D product data, fueling collaboration throughout product development. Companies quickly and securely share even the most complex designs with the extended enterprise anytime – on any device. Vertex founder and proven entrepreneur, Dan Murray, has grown two prior software companies to $100M+ revenue and executed successful IPOs. This is an amazing contract opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing company based in Ames, Iowa.
Job Description:
Vertex Software is looking for Software Engineer Contractors (Front-End & Back-End) to accelerate our efforts to help us deliver a world class 3D collaboration experience to our customers. Work with our team to ensure a responsive, rich front-end as our platform evolves and solve exciting scale challenges where our product meets its underlying cloud infrastructure. We care deeply about code quality and elegant engineering, so your expertise in best practices and technology will be heard. You will be accountable with owning your code, helping guide standards for production, and be willing to roll up your sleeves.
Key Responsibilities:
About You:
  • Skilled in the foundations that power the web, including the DOM, CSSOM, and JavaScript (TypeScript emphasis)
  • Active leader on developing scalable, high quality services, and data layers
  • Experience working with multiple data storage systems (SQL, NOSQL)
  • User focused; strong understanding of the principles surrounding an excellent user experience
  • Skilled in designing world-class UIs and user experiences
  • Knowledgeable of cross-browser compatibility, progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, and responsive layout
  • Passionate about designing the best architectural patterns and tools that other engineers will use
  • Test your code inside-out. A feature isn’t done until it’s tested with automation
  • Shipping small and shipping fast is the best way to release your ideas into the world to understand what works and what doesn’t
  • Driven to work in a fast paced startup environment
  • Humble but willing to fight for the best ideas, even if they might not be yours
What You Will Do:
  • Work with your team to produce customer value through collaborative and sincere engagement, including with Product, UI/UX, QA, Customer Success, and Vertex leadership teams.
  • Be an active leader in the development of scalable back-end services, functions, and data store interactions across a wide number of use cases
  • Solve difficult problems with multiple representations, cross data indexing, data replication, persistent data structures, immutable data, and more
  • Innovate by exploring new technologies and incorporating them into our stack to help us build better products for our customers.
  • Writing code is only part of what you will do; mentoring and growing your teammates is also one of your key responsibilities.
  • Keep focus on continual quality improvement and best test practices in order to deliver a high quality product.
  • Review other people’s code, because more eyes and more expertise creates better products.
  • You’ll learn new skills as required. Engineers never really leave school, they just get more interesting projects.
  • Balance product performance with resource allocation for maximum scalability.
  • Help develop scalable, user-facing features with Javascript and Typescript.
  • You’ll find optimizations and shoot for maximum performance across a wide number of web capable devices and browsers.
What You Need to Succeed:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, Software Development, Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent work experience
  • Demonstrated success building SaaS products in JavaScript with MVC or component based UI frameworks (React.JS preferred)
  • 2+ years of experience delivering product value in a Front-End, Back-End or Full Stack role
  • 2+ years working with production cloud deployments (AWS experience is a plus)
  • Experience with mobile first responsive web applications and native applications
  • Great communication skills
What Would Really Excite Us:
  • Previous Docker and microservice architecture experience
  • A background or hobbies related to our target market (CAD, mechanical engineering, physical products)
  • An understanding of rendering and visualization techniques
  • Experience working on an enterprise SaaS product
  • Experience working in an agile environment
About the Team, Tools, and Tech:
  • Our leadership fosters a people first culture and are serious about growing and mentoring every employee. We want you to be as successful as the company and recognize supporting and investing in our people is one of the smartest things we can do.
  • Our teams are organized as product teams who work cross functionally. Engineers sit next to product managers, UX, leadership, and work towards objectives with diligence and cooperation.
  • Teams work with leaders and delivery management to plan, track, and deliver according to the expectations of their stakeholders. Some teams prefer Agile or Kanban, and some a blend of the two. Making and keeping high integrity commitments is the most important thing, not how you organize yourself.
  • Teams have a daily standup and we have externally facing sprint reviews to demonstrate progress to stakeholders (anyone is welcome to come) and internal reviews where we show off the cool tech or ideas we have. Standing ovations for CLI tools is a good thing.
  • Teams are responsible for their technology choices and for the uptime of what they build. To support the teams, we provide tools like Grafana, OpsGenie, Greylog, and more.
  • Our stack is currently Javascript (React, Redux) and Typescript with services built on Java and C++ but we are constantly evolving our stack (We have a number of Go & Python experts and a few rustaceans who are looking for the right thing to bring the power of those languages to bear).
  • We are an enterprise SaaS company built on top of the best AWS has to offer. Everything from S3, Elastic search, Elastic cache, RDS, and more.
  • We practice infrastructure as code techniques and ship new code to our customers often. Tools we use include Github, Jenkins, Cloudformation, Lambda, and Docker.
About the People
  • We have a great mixture of deep technical expertise and broad experience with technology, startups, and building innovative scalable products. We are a diverse group of talented individuals at all stages of life, some who have lived all over the world. We welcome you as you are and are excited to have you as part of the team.

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August 16, 2019