Senior Engineering Technician

Senior Engineering Technician

General Job Description:

Full-time position with the opportunity to change the world. The position will be for a senior Electronic/Engineering technician working on autonomous vehicle technology!

Background and Nature of Career:

Our vision at Smart Ag is to Enable Perfect Operation of farm equipment we believe it all starts by unlocking the potential of the farmer enabled by technology.

In our opinion, the smartest way to solve the huge worldwide challenge of feeding a fast-growing population is to empower farmers to complete operations faster, more consistently and with less labor than ever before, we believe they can sustainably bring forward the potential of their land better than anyone else. With the correct tools, technology and knowledge, farms can do the seemingly impossible.

Our goal is to give farmers the technology to operate smarter and eliminate the choice between what is best for their farm and constraints like available labor, brands of equipment or the cost of larger machinery. That is why our first product AutoCart can be used with an operator in the grain cart tractor or autonomously and will be compatible with any brand or combination of brands of equipment. It also provides reliable, consistent performance all day and night long.

Our desire to empower the farmer to operate perfectly, only becomes a reality when the team members at Smart Ag strive for perfection. Smart Ag is looking for someone that has the passion, drive, and courage to change the world.

Areas of responsibility will include:

  • Rapid prototyping of electronic harnesses, circuit boards and electronic components to support the Smart Ag engineering efforts.
  • Conduct incoming inspection of electronic devices to ensure engineering specifications were met.
  • Conduct blue wire modifications to existing boards to assist in iterative hardware development
  • Manage the Smart Ag electronics laboratory, tools, and prototype inventory
  • Conduct QA activities as needed

Position description:

At Smart Ag your official title will be Senior Engineer Technician. In this position you will be responsible for bringing to market the first ever commercially available agricultural autonomous vehicle system. You will be responsible for implementing cutting edge technology, radically new thoughts and exciting ideas into high quality, testable production code. Every day will be a new challenge and you will be counted on to make this product ship. At Smart Ag no one works alone, our culture demands that every person work closely with each other, regardless of domain. You will have the back of your team mates and work in the best interest of hardware engineers, server-side software engineers, database engineers, and C-level management to make the most customer centric system imaginable. In a nutshell, if you didn’t like team projects that only talked about what customers really want in the past, don’t bother applying. Every applicant will go through a 90-day evaluation period, if at the end of the 90 days you don’t think Smart Ag is for you or we don’t think you embody our culture we will part ways.

Requirements for success:

  • Passion, drive and courage to change the world
  • 10+ years as an engineering technician working within electronics laboratories
  • Experience managing an organized, well run electronics laboratory
  • Experience conducting electronics QA activities within an electronics manufacturing environment.


Nice to Haves

  • Experience on vehicle electronics preferable agriculture related.

Job location:

Ames, Iowa

Salary range:

$60,000+ depending on experience and cultural fit.

Comprehensive benefits package including company provided health, dental and vision insurance.  Equity sharing is also available.


For questions or to schedule an interview contact Mark Barglof at 515-201-7245 and email resume

515-201-7245 and email resume

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August 28, 2018